9’8 CMLB


Discovery 169 - 16’9”

Discovery 169 - 16’9”

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Maker:  Hobie SUP

Length:  9’8”

Beam:  30”

Thickness:  4.75”

Volume:  151.2 liters

Weight:  20 lbs.

Material:  Bamboo Composite Epoxy

Price:  $1400 + shipping

Options:  Blue, Blue/Bamboo + $50

An extension of the Torque Series designed for the larger paddler or someone looking for a really stable board. Featuring contours similar to the Torque Series; high performance bottom and rails with a fuller outline. The boards are stable to paddle, have great trim, maintain speed and surf really well off the tail. The CM Longboard Series in a few words is “a longboard with punch”!

Beam - Width of a board when measured at its widest point

Buoyancy - A board that has adequate volume for the riders weight will float higher in the water and will tend to be more stable and paddle easier and faster than a board of less volume that sits lower in the water. Measured in liters under Volume

Carry Handle - Located in the center of the deck to carry the board

Deck - The top of the board

Deck Pad - Area on the deck where the paddler stands

Fin -Mounted under the tail, they help stabilize the board and assist in tracking

Rail - The side of the board where the top and bottom meet

Rocker - The upward sweep of the board toward the bow and stern. The more pronounced the rocker, the easier the board is to pivot

Stability - The tendency for the board to stay upright. If the “righting moment” is greater than the “heeling moment”, the board will return to the upright position

Tipping or Heeling - A force, either unintentional or intentional, tipping the board over to one side. Also described as “heeling moment”